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Email: FromAshToArt@Live.com                    Tel: 678-953-1862

Directions for Ordering

To view photos simply click on your child's image & enter your password. 


First review your child's images & select the image or images that you would like to order. Then, take a look at the PDF order form. Next, place each one of your selected images in a separate package & combine the totals.



Payments are excepted in cash, check, online Square Register, or card

After you’ve reviewed your images & made your selections on the order form, you can calculate your total. Make sure that your photo choice is listed with whatever form of payment you use.


1) Bring cash or write a check for the appropriate amount to Ashbea Day & bring your order form & the signed check to your child’s school by Friday, April 20th.

2) Use the Square Register link to select your package from the list of “School Photo Packages”. All totals will be automatically calculated for you.



If you place your order by Friday, April 20th then your prints/CD will be delivered to your child's school on Friday, April 28th at no additional charge. Your items can also be shipped to a different US address for $7. 

Preview School Photos Here